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Legal profession in Ghana: Over 800 lawyers graduated this year.


51.5% of women were called to the bar. Majority of outstanding awards were won by women as well. #TV3GH #News360 #3News Don't forget to subscribe for more updates. Visit 🤍 for more. Subscribe for more Updates: 🤍 TV3 First in News Best in Entertainment.

This LAWYER from America has built the MOST AMAZING RESORT in GHANA!!!


#dentaashow #bridgeview In this video, you'll be able to see how this LAWYER from America built the MOST AMAZING RESORT in GHANA!!! With its beautiful views of the river, Bridge View Resort is the perfect place to relax and rejuvenate. Whether you're looking for a vacation or investment opportunity, this resort is definitely worth considering! Watch this video to learn more about Bridge View Resort and how you can get involved! We think you won't be disappointed! With its beautiful views of the river, Bridge View Resort is the perfect place to relax and rejuvenate. Whether you're looking for a vacation or investment opportunity, this resort is definitely worth considering!Watch this video to learn more about Bridge View Resort and how you can get involved! We think you won't be disappointed!In this video, you'll be able to see how this LAWYER from America has built the MOST AMAZING RESORT in GHANA!!!With its beautiful views of the river, Bridge View Resort is the perfect place to relax and rejuvenate. Whether you're looking for a vacation or investment opportunity, this resort is definitely worth considering!Watch this video to learn more about Bridge View Resort and how you can get involved! We think you won't be disappointed!BridgeView is a Remarkable City Break In The Akosombo Mountains that welcomes you to a sanctuary that reflects the beauty of Africa.The Nature ResortArriving at BridgeView is like discovering a dreamy escape. Delicately hemmed in by the verdant Akosombo mountains and surrounded by the expanse of one of the largest man-made lakes in the world; Lake Volta. A world away from the bustling streets of Ghana’s urban cities, BridgeView effortlessly blends into the tranquility of nature.Elevated ExperiencesArriving at BridgeView is like discovering a dreamy escape. Delicately hemmed in by the verdant Akosombo mountains and surrounded by the expanse of one of the largest man-made lakes in the world; Lake Volta. A world away from the bustling streets of Ghana’s urban cities, BridgeView effortlessly blends into the tranquility of nature.The architecturally stunning concept immerses you in a discovery of peace and privacy with endless outdoor adventures on land and sea.A Return To Tropical ParadiseDays of calmness paired with the highest level of personalized service. The culture and community promise memories to be cherished forever. 🤍 E: info🤍 IG:bridgeview_resort FB:bridgeview_resort

I know big lawyers in Ghana who are gays; I won’t fight for them, they should – Lawyer Kpebu


Private legal practitioner Martin Kpebu has said he no longer fights for persons who are homosexuals in society because he cannot speak for faceless people. He wants them to come out and speak or fight for themselves for themselves Mr Kpebu explained that he is aware of big lawyers in this country who are homosexual but are not prepared to come out publicly to defend their actions. Don't forget to subscribe for more Updates: 🤍 Visit the News Site: 🤍 for more. Follow us on Facebook: 🤍 Follow us on Twitter: 🤍 Follow us on Instagram: 🤍 TV3 First in News Best in Entertainment.

300 lawyers called to the Bar


300 lawyers called to the Bar

Akua Ohenetwene Aboagye: How a Ghanaian lawyer established her law firm in USA to help immigrants


Ghanaians in the diaspora: The story of how a Ghanaian lawyer established her own law firm to assist immigrants in the USA. Akua Ohenetwene Aboagye, Esq. is the founder of AK Poku Law, PLLC. She is licensed to practice law in two continents; North America (New York, USA) and Africa (Ghana, West Africa). #Ghanaiansinthediaspora #TV3GH Don't forget to subscribe for more Updates: 🤍 Visit the News Site: 🤍 for more. Follow us on Facebook: 🤍 Follow us on Twitter: 🤍 Follow us on Instagram: 🤍 TV3 First in News Best in Entertainment.

22-year-old Ghanaian lawyer, Akpene, talks about going to Mfantsipim at 13, and more | Upside Down


Akpene Darko-Cobbina, the 22-year-old lawyer, talks to Frema Adunyame and Ato Kwamina Essuman to talk about his life, what being a young lawyer in Ghana is like and more. #UpsideDown #Ghana #CitiNewsroom Follow us: Facebook: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 Website: 🤍

How this AFRICAN American lawyer chose to become a GHANAIAN citizen!!


In this video, an African American lawyer, Markus Green, explains why he chose to become a Ghanaian citizen. Markus Green is an American lawyer who has chosen to become a Ghanaian citizen. In this video, Markus explains why he made this decision and how it has affected his life. Markus discusses the positive aspects of Ghanaian citizenship, including its strong sense of belonging. He also discusses the challenges of living as a black person in the United States, and how being a Ghanaian is very important for him. He graced The Dentaa Show to share his experience. He said, 'I am American by Force but a Ghanaian by CHOICE' The ‘Year of Return, Ghana 2019’ was a kickstart campaign to bring foreigners, particularly from the black diaspora, to Ghana, as visitors or as tourists. This would bring in fresh skills and capital, and place Ghana more firmly on the global map as a key destination spot. It has been three years since Ghana hosted ‘The Year of Return, Ghana 2019’, a year-long program of activities marking the 400th anniversary of the first recorded enslaved Africans to the US. On the 22nd of December 2022, Ghana granted citizenship to over 100 African Americans and Afro-Caribbeans as part of the Year of Return. Mr. Markus Green was also a Ghana citizenry recipient and Part of the Celebration. Markus Green who is a Lawyer sits on Many Boards and also serves as an Assistant General Counsel, for Pfizer, Inc., the world’s largest Pharmaceutical Company. At Pfizer, Mr. Green helps lead the Government Litigation Group of the Legal Department. As part of Government Litigation, Mr. Green works with local, state, and federal prosecutors. An American lawyer chose to become a Ghanaian citizen

Fake Lawyer who was arrested during court proceedings at Techiman speaks to JoyNews


Fake Lawyer: 34-year-old man who was arrested during court proceedings at Techiman circuit court speaks to JoyNews

‘Nkrataasem’ The Secret Behind Some Ghanaian Solicitors ( Lawyers) In UK- Obudo Reveals More Secrets


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Many hidden skills and talents we are yet to discover but this Lawyer has always exhibited his Multiple talents from infancy. In this video he talks about his extra curricular activities, social groups, leadership as well how to get into Law School in Ghana 🇬🇭, West Africa. Law Profession is a unique field and one needs guidance in deciding how to start the application process. Welcome all my new subscribers, share this wholesome content with others. I wish you a SPLENDID Year. ✅WATCH THESE TOP VIDEOS on my channel FACTORY JOB- 🤍 NURSING ASSISTANT JOB- 🤍 MY NURSING SALARY - 🤍 ——————————————————————-_ 📌Reach out to my Consult, USRN Pathway Consult (UPC) for your nursing migration needs. USRN Pathway Consult Website- 🤍 📲CONNECT WITH ME ON SOCIAL MEDIA Our Telegram page- 🤍 Facebook - USRN PATHWAY CONSULT PAGE 🤍 USRN PATHWAY CONSULT FACEBOOK GROUP- 🤍 Email- usrnpathwayconsult🤍 DISCLAIMER: ANYTHING I SHARE ON THIS CHANNEL IS SOLELY MY OPINION BASED ON RESEARCH FOR EDUCATIONAL PURPOSES. IT DOES NOT SUBSTITUTE FINANCIAL, LEGAL OR HEALTH ADVISE IN ANY WAY! ALWAYS DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH BEFORE MAKING YOUR DECISION

Meet AK Poku, US Based Ghanaian Immigration Lawyer Who Owns A Law Firm - Shares Her Story


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#Footprints with Lawyer Ace Ankomah [Part 1]


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How I Traveled Through Airport To Abroad Without Visa - Ghanaian Lawyer In Germany Tells Everything


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University of Ghana's Best Graduating Law Student, Amanda Nutakor sits with Philip Abutiate


Graduating with First Class honors and a Final Grade Point Average of 3.84, April Amanda Nutakor was adjudged the valedictorian for the University of Ghana Law School 2019/20 academic year. She becomes the first law student from the Premier University Law School to earn a 3.8+ GPA since 2012.

Questions And Answers With UK-Based Ghanaian Solicitor


Questions And Answer With UK-Based Ghanaian Solicitor

Top 5 Richest Lawyers in Ghana


Starting from the least, here are the richest and wealthiest lawyers in Ghana. 🤍 Starting at number 5 we have; 00:00 - Tony Lithur – His net worth $30 million You can’t possibly make a list of the richest lawyers in Ghana without mentioning Tony Lithur. Tony has handled top #legal matters in the country. And he is considered to be one of best lawyers in Ghana when it comes to litigation. Number 4 we have Dr. Kwesi Botchwey – #Networth $200 million He is a politician and onetime Ghana’s Minister of Finance. He is undoubtedly one of the brainy lawyers in Ghana you can count on. He studied law at the University of Ghana and also did his masters at Yale University. Dr. Kwesi Botchwey has published many legal and non-legal articles with the United Nations and even the international monetary fund (IMF). No doubt, he is one of the richest lawyers in Ghana. Number 3 we have Tsatsu Tsikata – Net worth $245 million Tsatsu Tsikata was once the chief executive of Ghana National Petroleum Corporation. Holding this position contributed to this popularity in Ghana. He is also one of the most reputable lawyers in the country. Over the years, Tsatsu Tsikata has contributed greatly to the growth of the law of Ghana. He is seen as an authority whenever he speaks because, he is a long time practicing lawyer with so much experience in the #profession. Number 2 we have Nana Akufo Addo – #250 million Nana Akufo Addo is also among the successful and richest lawyers in Ghana currently. Even though he became the president Ghana, there is no doubt that his efficiency in legal practice contributed greatly to his success in politics. He was the Minister for Foreign Affairs from 2003 to 2007 under the Kufuor led administration. Number 1 we have Haruna Iddrisu – Net worth $300 million Haruna Iddrisu is the member of parliament for #Tamale South Constituency He is currently the #minorityleader in parliament. Many may argue that his income come from politics, there is however no doubt that he practiced #law exceptionally well before going into Politics. Thank you for watching and be sure to hit the subscribe button. 1. #HarunaIddrisu – $300 million 2. #NanaAkufoAddo – $250 million 3. #TsatsuTsikata – $245 million 4. #Dr.KwesiBotchwey – $200 million 5. #TonyLithur – $30 million Instagram: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 Discord: The Engineers Perspective#1237 Ignore - #lawyers #lawyersforlife #bestlawyersinghana #richestlawyers #lawyersarguingincourtghana #lawyersarguingincourt #YoungestLawyersInGhana #GhanaianFemaleLawyers #BestLawyersInGhana #Top10LawyersInGhana #AreLawyersPaidByTheGovernment #CourtBailiffSalaryInGhana #LawyerSalary #WhoPaysLawyers #BestLawyerinGhana

Lawyer Akoto Ampaw on Ghanaian politicians' lack of commitment to fight corruption on Point of View


Ghanaian lawyer, Akoto Ampaw, says that Ghanaians do not have the political will and commitment to fight corruption. On Point of View on Citi TV, he says that the corruption still festers because politicians don't want to fight it. #CitiNewsroom #CitiTVisLive #PointofView

The Law Challenge - University Of Ghana VS KAAF University College Preliminary Contest 2nd Episode.


Watch 6 law faculties battle it out for the ultimate trophy as they show off their legal prowess and knowledge. Catch the Law Challenge on your TV screens at 2pm this and every Saturday on TV3. SPONSORS: #WebSysTechnology #Goil #GhanaWeb #AlisaHotel #AgateTransport #EPP #Busy #LogisticsMovers #MediaGeneral #NoteCosmetics #EverPure

BUYING LAND & PROPERTY IN GHANA TIPS FROM A LAWYER | Can foreigners buy land in Ghana ? Leases?


Buying land in Ghana is a dream of many but its not a straight forward task. I speak to Emmanuel Mate-Kole a managing partner at M & O Law Consult who tells us what we should look out for when buying land in Ghana, why it seems to be so complicated & the different entities that own land & the due-diligence which should be undertaken before handing money over to anybody. ★ SUBSCRIBE HERE TO SEE MORE - 🤍 ★ Vanessa Kanbi Instagram - 🤍 🤍 - Subscribing, liking & commenting on my channel helps a lot to grow my channel! Support these videos further If you would like to: Patreon - 🤍 Paypal - 🤍 - Watch More - My sisters experience of moving and Living in Ghana - 🤍 Where to stay in Accra for any budget - 🤍 Business Enquires - vanessakanbiyt🤍

Canada Immigration: Choosing Your Immigration Lawyer


Persons wanting to migrate to Canada often have questions about who is authorized to represent them. Watch now to learn more! Please note we no longer provide FREE 15 minute calls. You're welcome to schedule a paid consultation with us using these links: Schedule a paid 40 minute consultation with Donovan Francis here: 🤍 Schedule a paid 25 minute consultation with a legal consultant: 🤍 Learn more about how we can help by visiting:

ACCRA VLOG: Day in the Life of a Law firm INTERN in Ghana, Africa


This Ghana vlog happens to be my first day at one of Africa’s largest law firms, since starting my mandatory law internship. I definitely had to take you all along. It’s a pretty short video but it entails a summary of what I did on my first day at my legal internship and the challenges I had as well. —————————W A T C H I N H D—————— Most of my other days I work from home but I was super excited about working from the office also and thought to share with you this #accra vlog. I really hope you enjoy this calm Ghana vlog about my first day at my law Intenship In one of the biggest and largest Law Firms In Africa and Ghana. #ghanavlog #accraliving #lawinternship #largestlawfirm #vlog #internship #law #ghana #livinginghana CHECK OUT MY OTHER VIDEOS 🛑MY 23RD BIRTHDAY VLOG: 🤍 🛑STORYTIME: HOW I GOT DISMISSED FROM MY HIGH SCHOOL- 🤍 🛑REALISTIC SHEIN PLUS SIZE HAUL: 🤍 🛑THE SIMPLES WAY TO LEARN GA, A GHANAIAN LANGUAGE : 🤍 🤍🤍🤍🤍🤍🤍🤍🤍🤍🤍 LET’S GET IN TOUCH Instagram-🤍 🤍W H O I A M🤍 My name is Ganyobi Dedei, a student at the Ghana School of Law. My channel includes Vlogs, mental health/body positivity videos, Ga culture and my legal career journey. If you’re interested in that kind of content, hit that SUBSCRIBE button and let’s grow this family! My filming Gear: iPhone Xr Ring light Subscriber Count: 1070

Ghana's LGBT rights in spotlight due to #FreeThe21 | DW News


The hashtag #FreeThe21 has brought international condemnation for Ghana: The 21 are LGBT activists who were detained in late May. Sixteen women and five men have been charged with illegal assembly - because they organised and attended a training event. DW's Isaac Kaledzi reports from Ho in southeastern Ghana. Subscribe: 🤍 For more news go to: 🤍 Follow DW on social media: ►Facebook: 🤍 ►Twitter: 🤍 ►Instagram: 🤍 Für Videos in deutscher Sprache besuchen Sie: 🤍 #LGBT #Ghana #Discrimination



♡ OPEN ME ♡ Hey guys! Here are some of the things that I wish somebody had told me before I choose to study law. Even though, knowing all these things now I would still study law, it would have been nice to have been better informed! Good luck in deciding what course you want to do, comment below if you have any questions (I'll do a law Q/A video) and give this video a thumbs up if you want more law videos (if not, I will never know)! Find out what I thought of law after my first few weeks studying it: 🤍 Need help networking and making contacts? Here are my networking tips: 🤍 Nervous about your LNAT? My top tips will help: 🤍 HAIR: 🤍 INSTAGRAM: 🤍 TWITTER: 🤍 SNAPCHAT: ruthharmony CAMERA: 🤍 LIGHTING: 🤍 MINI TRIPOD: 🤍 TRIPOD: 🤍

Getting A Visa To UK, Available Jobs In The UK And More - UK Based Ghanaian Reveals All The Secrets


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Jerry John Rawlings, in his own words- BBC Africa


Ghana's longest-serving leader, former flight lieutenant Jerry John Rawlings, who died on 12 November 2020, had an enduring legacy as 'the man of the people'. He twice seized power in Ghana but returned the country to democratic control. Through decades of speeches and interviews, this is how he spoke of his vision for Ghana and for Africa. Video produced by Miriam O'Donkor. Subscribe: 🤍 Website: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍

Attorney Samson Lardy On Acquittal Of Ghanaian Businessman Involved In Multi-Million Dollar Loss


Samson Lardy Anyenini, an attorney at law discusses the aquittal of Alfred Woyome who was involved in a $51m Ghanaian government overpayment scandal.

How Personal Injury Lawyers Calculate Settlement | Personal Injury Q&A


At McMinn Law Firm, we are in constant communication with our clients answering questions about their cases. But one of the questions we receive most often from people reaching who haven't yet hired an attorney is “How do you calculate pain and suffering in a personal injury case?” 🤍 Before hiring a lawyer, people facing severe injuries want to protect their best interests by hiring a lawyer that they feel confident. Most often - that means the attorney has the knowledge and expertise to help them secure a maximum fair recovery following the accident. We agree that protecting an accident victim's maximum fair settlement or verdict is the most important role of an attorney. Pain and suffering does play an important role in securing a personal injury settlement. In this video you can learn: - how much money to ask for pain and suffering in a personal injury case - how you can maximize your settlement or verdict by recording information about your pain and suffering symptoms Read more about pain and suffering in personal injury case: 🤍 Subscribe: 🤍 Check out for guides on everything from what to do after a car accident to understanding the difference between negligence and gross negligence. Follow McMinn Law Firm on Facebook: 🤍 Or on Twitter: 🤍 Transcript: In this video we will be talking about how to calculate a pain and suffering settlement. Pain and suffering can play an important part in a personal injury case. However it can be difficult to define. Sometimes known as general damage, it may include an amateur soccer player’s loss of ability to play the game they love, or a fiancé who’s relationship has been damaged by serious pain and discomfort. Emotional distress may present itself in different ways depending on the individual. It may include the following: That’s actual pain and discomfort. As well as, physical limitations, not just those at the time of the injury, but also future expected limitations such as loss of ability to play with children, care for oneself, or a disfigurement. Mental pain and suffering may include depression, mental anguish anxiety or other emotional disorders. Loss of consortium, such as the loss of ability to be intimate with your partner. Any other emotional or psychological trauma. Your personal injury lawyer can calculate pain and suffering in a personal injury case. It is their role to demonstrate to a jury or in settlement proceedings the value of the pain and suffering. Although personal injury cases are common, there are no charts that juries look at to figure out how much to award. Judges advise juries to use good sense in determining what would be a fair and reasonable amount to compensate for the plaintiff’s trauma. A basic, common way to calculate the value of a case is to use a multiple of the actual costs. These may include hospital bills, doctor’s fees, lost wages, and damages to property. These damages, often known as special damages, can be found relatively easily. For some, it is simply a matter of adding up the bills and receipts for medical care. However, coming up with a total value of pain and suffering can be a more complicated task. Use of a multiplier is often used to come up with a figure that represents the total pain and suffering from the accident. Remember that pain and suffering includes mental pain, loss of consortium, and any other emotional or psychological trauma. This can be divided into two parts. The pain and suffering that has already happened and the pain and loss that is expected throughout the duration of the injury or the lifetime of the plaintiff. Current pain and suffering has a clear and definite end point. However, current and future pain and suffering must be estimated into the future. When calculating a pain and settlement demand, a personal injury lawyer will convince the insurance adjuster or the jury of the impact the injuries will have on quality of life. To succeed in raising your settlement amounts, you must be able to prove pain and suffering. If the injury caused you to sink into a depression, prove this by showing medical records of treatment by a psychologist or a psychiatrist. Aid this by writing a journal that details your symptoms. If you are unable to sleep after the accident, prove this with copies of prescriptions to sleeping pills from a doctor as well as a sleep journal. No matter the severity of the case, always be prepared to speak about what you lost and how you suffered as a result of the accident. Record a journal during recovery. It will help you accurately represent your injuries in court. Remember to be realistic about your injuries. And don’t forget to communicate honestly and openly with your attorney. Music:

How to Be Admitted as Lawyer in Australia?


In this video, we will take you into the 10 steps that how a person with overseas legal background or knowledge can be admitted as Lawyer in Australia. Donation in Support of our Channel 🤍 Subscribe for more Australian visa insights 🤟 🤍 Take an IELTS test 🤍 Looking to improve your IELTS 👇 🤍 Looking to improve your PTE 👇 🤍 Looking to get into the Crypto World👇 🤍 🤍 🤍 Digital Wallet 👛 🤍 More than welcome to contact us Email: info🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍ChannelAMEC #Admission #Australia #Lawyer

Criminal Lawyer Reacts to Gunna's Plea Deal


Go to 🤍 for all your legal document needs Criminal Lawyer Bruce Rivers Reacts to Gunna's Plea Deal MERCH HERE: 🤍 Patreon: 🤍 Producer: Michael Rivers Instagram: 🤍Michaelhrivers Instagram: 🤍CLRBruceRivers Twitter: 🤍BruceRiversCLR Intro Song by Jaylap from CRAM CRAM Soundcloud: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍jaylapp You can find Bruce Rivers on Facebook here: 🤍 Business Inquiries: Criminallawyerreacts🤍 Rivers Law Firm, P.A., 🤍

How I Help Many Who Run To Me Crying For Denmark Visa & Documents - Ghanaian Immigration Lawyer


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Kejetia Vs Makola - One Touch. Ft. Sofo Abaadedeede


Kejetia Vs Makola - One Touch. Ft. Sofo Abaadedeede #KejetiaVsMakola

This is why Popular Ghanaian YouTuber,Ama Governor is Trending;Lɛsbiαn, LGBT vrs Ghana Lawyers- Info


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Immigrant Stories | The immigrant story of a 15 year old Ghanaian boy | Episode 6


Fraud, Misrepresentation, the Defense of Timely Retraction For more information, CONTACT ME: 🌍: 🤍 ☎️: +1 (802) 780-0564 📨: hello🤍 Akua Ohenetwene Aboagye, Esq. AK Poku Law, PLLC U.S. Immigration & Trademark Law Virginia, U.S.A. 📍: 9720 Capital Ct. Suite 301, Office #1 Manassas VA 20110 🔔 SUBSCRIBE AND TURN ALL NOTIFICATIONS ON TO SEE NEW VIDEOS: 🤍 • Immigrant Stories | Episode 5 Legal Drive & Story Time 🔴 Recommended Playlist = • Immigrant Stories... Immigrant Stories | Inadmissibility + Waiver | US Immigration 🔴 Recommended Playlist = 🤍 • Tea Time - Immigrant Stories (Episode1) 🔴 Recommended Playlist = • Tea Time - Immigr... 🔵Follow Us To Learn More About: ✅Website : 🤍 ✅Instagram : 🤍 ✅Facebook : 🤍 ✅🤍 ✅Twitter : 🤍 🛑Disclaimer: The information provided in this video is for general information purposes only. I am not providing legal advice, and this content does not trigger the attorney-client relationship. Although I am a lawyer, I am not your lawyer and you are not my client. #AKPokuLaw #USImmigrations #USCitizen #law #immigrationlawyer #lawenforcement #lawfirm #lawyers

Court Case/ The Little Smart Lawyers (Joseph Osei, Isaac Fosu) - Ghanaian Twi Kumawood Movies


This educative Ghanaian Movie showcases series of illegal and wicked acts ranging from a housewife trying to take his husband's life to an old man forcefully wanting to marry an under aged girl settled in the court. Cast: Prince O. Yeboah, Gina Boadi, Joseph Osei, Isaac Fosu Court Case. #Ghana Movie #Twilfilm #Kumawood#Asante Films This is powered by AFOREVO

Speaker slams Kamala Harris’ take on Ghana’s Anti-LGBTQ+ bill, calls out President Akufo-Addo


Speaker of Parliament, Alban Bagbin has slammed US Vice President Kamala Harris for her comments on Ghana’s position on LGBTQ+ issues. According to him, the US Vice President’s assertion regarding the issue is undemocratic and “should not be tolerated.”

Ghanaian Curvaceous Lawyer Akua Boateng


In this video, we take a look at the very beautiful Ghanaian Curvaceous Lawyer Akua Boateng. Produced, Voice Over and Edited by Darlington Wagner. This content is made with the purpose of celebrating and promoting the individual(s) in it. Do you want Beautiful, Slim, Tall, Thick, Sexy, Curvy or Extraordinary Good Looking Models, Actresses, Video Vixens, Brand Ambassadors for your Business or Brand, Movies, Music Videos, Print and TV Commercials, Fashion Shows etc then Contact Celebrity Model/Talent Manager/Agent Darlington Wagner on Whats app or Call +233571902133 now.

American Lady Shares her Struggles in Ghana, which INSPIRED Her to Start a REALTY COMPANY.


#Dentaashow #Odananetwork In this video, an American woman shares the heartbreaking story behind her REALTY company in Ghana. This American woman started her business in Ghana, inspired by her engagement in indiscriminate deposition and or multiple sales of lands she acquired. Watch this video to learn how this American woman is fighting back to own a Land she has spent thousands of dollars on. Her Realty Company now helps other clients and entrepreneurs from experiencing the same ordeal and people who are facing similar problems in Ghana. Jennifer Appiah is an Entrepreneur, Qualified Investor, Consultant, Motivational Speaker and Mentor. Cultivating empowerment through inspiration and encouragement. Supporting individuals in reaching their maximum potential in business endeavors and relationships. Providing opportunities to people all around the world. Helping to identify a way to attain their vision and to strategize a collaboration of harmonious efforts to make their dreams come true. Meeting people where they are and helping them throughout their journey to success. A firm believer in the Zig Ziglar philosophy, “You can have everything in life you want if you help enough people get what they want.” Jennifer Appiah is an accomplished Sales Consultant with over 16 years of experience in different sales markets. With a degree in business and communication, she always ensures the viability of multi-million dollar financial portfolios long-term. She's so efficient at her job and firmly believes she has the ability to take unhealthy portfolios and transform them into healthy and thriving ones. Because of her skills, Jennifer can produce productive and long-lasting results for high-level clients. She caters to successful individual clients, major companies, non-profit organizations, and independent businesses as well. She works well with senior corporate executives and can provide consultations for international corporations. Through her experience of building two separate homes in Ghana, she was able to take her knowledge and build her brand and company called Inspired Realty. A company where she takes great pride in providing high level of personalized services to property buyers and sellers in the Greater Accra areas. The company’s logo is a lotus flower which symbolizes as a symbol of strength, rebirth, and purity. Just as the lotus flower is able to emerge from the murky waters pure and unsullied, so is the same as Jennifer has been able to emerge purified as gold from the countless trials and tribulations she has endured here in Ghana. In just a short period of time she has been able to grow her business exponentially, bringing in millions of dollars in sales. Jennifer is a remarkable woman who gets the job done with style and prowess. She's incredibly professional and her grace and humility is an inspiration to men and women all over the world. W: 🤍 IG: 🤍InspiredLuxuryRealty FB: 🤍Inspired Luxury Realty

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